A Wigwam for a Goose's I

Wendy Waring
8 July
I was born and grew up in Canada, and emigrated to Australia in 1990. I've lived in a half-dozen other countries as well. My kitchen-sink bio runs like this:
, translator, au pair, uni lecturer, fast-food prephand, artists' model, piano teacher, cleaner, library worker, slide cataloguer for an archeology dig, secretary, and lights technician for a really mediocre cover band in the 70s.

Lately I've been concentrating on fiction. I went to the first Clarion South in 2004. I'm still in recovery. When I'm in Sydney, I attend the sff writing group Thorbys, and by peripatetic accident et une très grande générosité de leur part, I belong to the online group Auteurs romands de l'imaginaire. I lurk at Broad Universe, and hang with the Codexians.

Most of my life, I've spent spinning words, in one way or another. Here's some links to give you an idea.... If you need more info, get in touch at wendy dot waring at gmail dot com.

"Alien Tears" in Anywhere But Here 2011, out of Coeur de Lion Press.
"Stonework" in Interzone no. 207 (Nov/Dec 2006), out of TTA Press.
"Au pays des merveilles" [In Wonderland] in Tesseracts10 available from Edge Publishing.
"You're memory" in Issue 49 of Westerly.
"The frame of representation and some of its figures" by Louis Marin in The Rhetoric of the Frame: Essays on the Boundaries of the Artwork.
"Melancholia and the Banal" by Denis Bellemare in CinéAction!
Poetry by Aimée Eloidin; Lima Fabien; Anielli Camrhal in Creation Fire: An Anthology of Caribbean Women’s Poetry SisterVision Press
The following are online, but you'll have to subscribe to Good Reading to read them in full.
Drinking Coffee Elsewhere by ZZ Packer, Iron Council by China Mieville,
The Etched City by KJ Bishop
, Orbital Burn by KA Bedford, The Algebraist by Iain M Banks...
Gender Studies: Terms and Debates by Anne Cranny-Francis, Wendy Waring, Pam Stavropolous and Joan Kirby, which you can buy here
"Multi-post-colonial Culture: The Great White North Downunder" or try "'Mother(s) of Confusion'" in Double Talking
---conference proceedings---
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for the
Women's Press, the quarterly Fireweed, academic journals like Australasian Canadian Studies and Open Letter: Australian Journal for Adult Literacy Research & Practice, glossy magazines like Good Reading and English Today, and sundry newsletters (Voices Rising/A pleine voix, Amnesty International Women's Network).

I've also edited:
By, For & About: Feminist Cultural Politics Women's Press, 1994. (This is a fine book, with lots of good pieces in it, even if I do say so myself...)
and special issues "Weird Writing", Issue 31 of Fireweed: A Feminist Quarterly. Guest editors: Ann Decter; Martha Judge; Wendy Waring. Buy it here.

I've taught
piano and music theory, lectured in English, French, literary studies, gender studies, science fiction and lately, creative writing. Before leaving full-time teaching, I was Director of the Macquarie University Institute for Women's Studies.

PhD, MA Comparative Literature
BA (Hons) Translation/French Canadian Studies
Licence Translation and Interpretation